Islamic cleric arrested for allegedly abducting his married family member and raping her for 2 weeks
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An Islamic cleric has been accused of abducting his married family member and raping her for 14 days.

Sheik Olamilekan Bulala is said to have also threatened the woman by letting her know that he’s well connected and that nothing can be done to him for the offence he committed.

Read below.

“That is the face of EVIL! A rapist and someone that should be taken off the street ASAP! On Facebook, he goes by the name Sheik Olamilekan Bulala. One of the members of this family @queen_khadijahofficial was looking for work and this evil Sheik contacted her and made an appointment with to be interviewed on April 1st. When she gat to Ogbomosho in Oyo state, she was kidnapped, beaten and repeatedly raped for 2 weeks!!!!!

“The alleged Sheik threatened her repeatedly that he is well connected to law enforcement and religious leaders in Ogbomosho and nobody can do anything about it! He seized her phone and even had the guts to call her mom, telling her that he is in love with her daughter and he is going to marry her! A married woman??? No one knew exactly where she was for the two weeks, even her husband, who went to look for work in Lagos had no clue where she was!

“The painful part is, people at the house she was kidnapped in, knew about her ordeal but were afraid to act and from what she heard, she wasn’t his first victim! Everyone seemed to be afraid of him! This day and age, this should not be happening in Nigeria! He finally let her leave on the 14th of April! Please please please, let us tag every law enforcement personal in oyo state to stop this serial rapist! I’m pretty sure that another victim is with him right now! Please tag everyone that you know, that can bring awareness to this issue, so as to bring this evil person to justice!”.

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