In a viral clip, an Ibadan street artist lifts the spirits of a police woman, instantly transforming her mood with a skillfully drawn portrait
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A highly skilled artist based in Ibadan, known as Bamishaye Sunday David, recently showcased his remarkable talent by creating a heartwarming moment for a fatigued female officer. The officer, stationed at Dogo Apata in Ibadan, Oyo state, appeared stressed as she engaged in conversation with a trader. Unbeknownst to her, David seized the opportunity to capture her essence on paper, crafting a beautiful portrait without her knowledge.

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Portrait of Ibadan female officer

When David completed the artwork and unveiled it to the officer, her initial fatigue transformed into a wide smile of recognition. In an interview with LegitNG, the artist, whose passion goes beyond monetary gain, expressed that he never charges for his creations. He emphasized that bringing joy to people's faces is a reward in itself and believes in the natural order of Mother Nature's way of reciprocating kindness. He stated, "I’ve never felt bad, not for once, for not being paid. Everything isn’t about money! Making people happy is a blessing, and I believe Mother Nature has its way of rewarding people. Sometimes people call me from abroad to appreciate my work, and some send money as a gift.”

The heartwarming story garnered various reactions from social media users, showcasing the impact of art in uplifting spirits. Twitter user [@Questioni] expressed a desire to frame the portrait on their desk, appreciating the artist's talent. Another user, [@Ola ni Lincoln], observed the officer's evident happiness, while [@Ahmed Yousif] remarked on the positive change in her mood. User [@IBUKUNOLUWANIMI] extended blessings to the artist, and [@Di Maigida] acknowledged David's gifted talent.

The viral video capturing this touching moment has circulated on TikTok, under the handle [@davspen_art]. The accompanying comments on the video reflect sentiments of admiration and appreciation for the artist's ability to spread love through his craft. The video has become a trending sensation, further highlighting the transformative power of art in brightening people's lives.


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