Homeless mom with two kids, upon receiving cash and food, says she's fine despite hunger (Video)
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A homeless mother with children has garnered attention on TikTok due to a revealing statement she made in a video.

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In the video, an elegantly dressed woman approached the visibly distressed homeless woman and inquired about her well-being. Initially, the homeless woman responded with a simple "I'm okay."

Homeless Mother

Unsatisfied with this response, the well-dressed woman pressed further, asking once more if the homeless woman was truly alright.

Eventually, the homeless woman admitted, "Apart from being hungry, I'm okay."

The well-dressed woman continued her questioning, mentioning that she had noticed the homeless woman frequently sitting there with her children, a claim the homeless woman affirmed with a nod.

Pointing to a demolished structure visible in the video, the homeless woman revealed, "This is where I used to stay."

She shared that she was one of the residents who lived there before the demolition.

Following their conversation, the well-dressed woman presented the homeless woman with a cash gift.

Without delay, the homeless woman handed the money to her children, urging them to share with their sibling. Additionally, she received a gift of Indomie noodles, expressing gratitude to the well-dressed woman.

Meanwhile, numerous individuals have flooded the comment section to share their opinions about the actions of both the well-dressed woman and the helper in the video.

A homeless mother with kids has sparked attention on social media due to a statement she made in a TikTok video.

In the video, a well-dressed lady approached a visibly distressed woman and inquired about her well-being. The woman responded with a simple “I’m okay.”

Here are some of the reactions provided below:

@favemelanin: “As quickly as she was blessed she was willing to bless others. May God bless her with good and shelter and so much more.”

@Aunty ogechi: “You are a good person keep up the good work that u have started may God continue to bless u in Jesus name I pray Amen.”

@Kiitan Footies: “Omo d gal is so generous mehn money Wey dey jst gv am she share am asap Omo d gal get natural love for others.”

@DJ MAFIA D DREAMS: “waoo,see as she quickly shared it without 2nd thought,you will surely be blessed more,and God will move u from nothing to something.Thank u d givers.”

@mystertimewilltel: “I believed all those keeping billions whiles others are hungry is cuz they never taste what been hungry and in poverty is.”

@NurseJ5: “Keep up the good work girl, the way you are pretty, that’s how your heart is! It’s only almighty God who will reward you.”



Damn life is hard for some people ❤️

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