Henry Anozie, Futo's top graduate in Mathematics with a 4.93 CGPA, credits his carpenter father for being his source of motivation
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In a recent interview, Henry Anozie, the best graduating student from Futo with a remarkable 4.93 CGPA in Mathematics, opened up about the factors that fueled his academic success. He attributed his motivation to his family background and specifically pointed out his father, who worked as a carpenter.

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During the interview, when asked about the secret behind his outstanding academic achievement, Henry revealed that he allocated 70% of his focus to academics while balancing the remaining 30% with other activities. He emphasized that maintaining this balance was crucial to his overall success.

Henry expressed gratitude to God, acknowledging the divine role in his accomplishments. He also highlighted the significance of his humble background, citing his father's occupation as a carpenter as a constant source of inspiration. He vividly recalled envisioning his father driving nails into wood while he was in school, using this mental image as a motivational tool throughout his academic journey.

Futo Best Graduating student, 2023. Henry Anozie.[/figure]

Henry distinguished himself by revealing that he maintained a rigorous study routine, dedicating 12 hours every day to academic pursuits from his freshman year to the final year. This level of commitment played a pivotal role in his academic excellence.

Offering advice to aspiring students who aim to emulate his success, Henry emphasized the importance of recognizing the role of God in one's journey and underscored the significance of diligent study. He emphasized that achieving high grades is not a matter of chance but requires intentional effort and focus.

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