Grandmother tearfully parts with grandson after omugwo
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In a heart-melting video, a grandmother is seen shedding tears as she parts ways with her grandson after caring for him during omugwo.

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The daughter found the exchange emotional and shared the video on her Instagram page, bodiedbyalexa.

The grandmother had come to visit her daughter, who is a new mother, to take care of her, which is usually what many Nigerian mothers do after their daughters give birth.

During her stay, she bonded deeply with the little boy, and at the time she was supposed to leave, she became heartbroken.

She pleaded with her daughter to take care of him properly as she takes her leave from their home.

The video has stirred many emotions online.

See some of them below

diiddy stated: “That’s her baby please 😍😍😍😍😍”

kamoncail said: “Moms of adults know all too well this stage goes by so fast. She’s saying goodbye be she will never see that stage again. That’s a whole new baby the next time she sees him.”

oyjuliaa reacted: “So beautiful to watch 😍 God bless our mothers 🙏🏾”

shai.the.pisces commented: “I was told that it’s really a big thing in Caribbean and African cultures for the family to take care of the baby while the mothers healing and I wish we had that in all cultures. Moms really need that support and time. Hopefully grandma gets to see her granbaby again soon 😭😭❤️ so cute”

prittylittlepackages shared: “Awww grandma’s. They become so soft and mushy when grandbaby arrives. I think it reminds them of when theirs was also little. Like a throwback feeling. Me, once my mum arrives, I forget I have a child. From the airport till the day she leaves. Baby becomes hers”

Watch the video here