Girlfriend who always handles her boyfriend's dirty laundry goes above and beyond to care for him
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An intentional girlfriend incurred an injury while tending to her boyfriend's accumulated pile of dirty laundry over the weekend. She took to her Twitter page, @nsemeke_ekpo, sharing a photo of her wounded hand, attributing the harm to a reaction caused by the detergent she used during the laundry session.

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Despite the injury, she expressed unwavering commitment, stating that it wasn't an issue for her as she takes pride in caring for her man. In her tweet, she declared, "Got these wounds from washing his clothes last weekend; my skin reacted to the detergent I used. Call me stupid, but yes, I am that girlfriend that can never overlook my man’s dirty clothes. He is a provider and a sweet man, so I take care of him with pride."

The lady’s post here

Some reactions to the post

@Shez_Weird said: “The only time you will see money now is if you carry gun oo. Giveaway portal don close.”

@EeevaJames wrote: “God forbid bad thing.”

@Humbhle_ak said: “Lol… I don’t see me letting a woman wash my clothes though. You can do everything you want but let me wash my clothes myself.”

@ArigbonuChosa prayed: “I don’t know how I will pray for you, but you are blessed.”

@ossaivictor1_ stated: “Washing his cloth was not compulsory na. U did it out of free will so what are you showing us? Omo one naira no go comot from my opay oo.”

@FunmiKolz asked: “So what is our business and why are you telling us????”