Elderly woman's act of covering a young lady's ripped jeans with a wrapper sparks online buzz
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An elderly Kenyan woman garners admiration on social media as photos circulate of her using a wrapper to cover her granddaughter's ripped jeans.

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Shared by Facebook user Wahome Thuku, the pictures depict a rural scene where the concerned grandmother addresses what she perceives as ‘[b]indecency.’[/b]

Seated outdoors, the granddaughter shares a moment with her grandmother, who humorously points out the tears in her jeans and proceeds to wrap a leso around her waist, sparking laughter.

Wahome Thuku's caption recounts a similar experience where another elderly lady questioned the appropriateness of worn-out trousers, expressing concern about the family’s financial well-being.

“Wafunike kabisa cucu. Tumejaribu, tumeshindwa. Reminds me of an old lady who asked me why I was letting my daughter go out with worn-out trousers. She wondered if my family was in such a big financial hardship,” Thuku wrote.

The post receives positive reactions, with netizens applauding the grandmother for prioritizing cultural values and decency over contemporary fashion.

Netizens Reactions:

Pst Sarah applauds the grandmother's actions, noting her meticulous attention to ensuring proper coverage.

Snowie Snow emphasizes the importance of respecting cultural values, suggesting that the girl should have dressed according to the grandmother's customs when visiting.

Queen Pascaliah questions the appropriateness of a grown-up wearing such distressed jeans, expressing disapproval.

Thiaka Kariuki shares a personal commitment to not wearing such jeans, citing empathy for those who lack decent clothes.

Chrispine Mukenya reflects on the impact of Western culture on society, expressing concern.

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