Amid reports of JAMB score manipulation, Joy Ejikeme's 2017 common entrance result sheet resurfaces
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Amidst a swirling controversy surrounding allegations of Joy Ejikeme manipulating her JAMB result, a striking revelation has emerged in the form of a photo showcasing her 2017 common entrance examination result sheet. The photo, which was recently posted on Twitter, sheds light on a significant aspect of her academic history, dating back to the year 2017.

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The emergence of this photograph comes on the heels of a startling accusation made by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) against the Anambra state student, alleging that she forged her JAMB result to attain a staggering score of 362. According to JAMB, this supposed manipulation of her Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result occurred shortly after the official results were released to her.

However, the common entrance examination result sheet displayed in the tweet by @UchePOkoye tells a different story, showing that Joy Ejikeme, also referred to as Ejikeme Mmesoma, achieved an impressive aggregate score of 334 during that earlier examination.

Responses to the contentious situation have been pouring in from various individuals on social media. One user, going by the handle Uchennannanna, expressed their frustration at the handling of the matter and suggested that a proper investigation should have been conducted before rushing to media with accusations of result forgery. They even suggested that allowing Joy to explain herself in her native Igbo language could have been a more understanding approach.

Another user, Mz_may5, voiced their belief in Joy's innocence, drawing a comparison to politician Tinubu, implying that there might be a deeper political agenda at play. They called for the administration to focus on more pressing issues and not let distractions like this undermine the country's progress.

Meanwhile, Chefkelch lamented the state of affairs in Nigeria, observing that the country seems to have shifted from the notorious rigging of political results to now involving innocent children in such controversies. The sentiment expressed echoes the frustration and disbelief over the situation.

Yet another user, Akubueze_nwachereze, expressed solidarity with Joy Ejikeme and suggested that she should consider taking legal action against JAMB for damages, potentially seeking significant compensation.