A mother experiences pure joy as her daughter surprises her with her first flight ticket, expressing, "You will never run dry"
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A heartwarming video capturing the moment a Nigerian mother embarked on her inaugural flight has become a viral sensation on social media.

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The thoughtful gesture came from her daughter, who surprised her with the first-flight experience, allowing her to see the world from a new perspective.


Overwhelmed with joy upon learning about her upcoming flight, the mother joyfully danced in anticipation of boarding the plane.

The daughter documented the entire journey, from arriving at the airport to boarding the plane, and even capturing moments with the flight staff.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

User1443909292721: “See as I dey smile like God bless our mothers.”

Ifyt: “The first day my daddy enter plane eh, as my daddy see him ticket, he showed everybody, both my friends when come my house.”

Sylviangel: “If I no like this video, wetin I gain? God bless you more, Mum.”

Susu: “May God keep providing for you to make her happy always. You'll never run dry.”

Dorathy Shalzim: “God bless Mama.”

QueenEsther: “I can’t wait to fly my mother too soon.”

koko: “God bless you all. Una do well O. Fatima: “Don’t go to heaven yet oo.”

Watch the heartwarming video above!


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