A man creates a stir by cooking a delicious white soup for his girlfriend, generating excitement
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A man, described as a "fifty-yard husband material," stirred up chatter with his culinary skills as he prepared a tantalizing white soup in anticipation of his girlfriend's visit. Sharing his romantic gesture on the X platform, social media user @nkosidavid6 joyfully announced his plan to treat his girlfriend to a delicious homemade meal.

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Expressing his thoughtfulness, he revealed his decision to prepare a sumptuous local white soup delicacy for her arrival. Captioning the post, he wrote, "Today I decided to make white soup because my girlfriend is coming over... It looks delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹ and mouth watering."

The snapshot of the soup swiftly triggered a flurry of reactions, with many comparing its appearance to a concrete mixture.

Reactions as man makes white soup for girlfriend

ahdebee remarked: "cement soup. you just know theyโ€™re building a strong relationship."

abazwhyllzz joked: "Rich man pikin go think say na cement mixture."

Princez_eve observed: "Cement ??? Daniel Regha Dey learn from you for this cooking thing."

victorCsylvanus inquired: "No vex ooo, emphasis on no vex, cause I no know as you wan take wetin I wan talk, no vex ooโ€ฆ.but shey na cement you mix so??"

uwembrown1 humorously suggested: "Unlocking a new delicacy by mistake. The Cement Soup. Bros, drop the recipe."

cara_milano playfully speculated: "Maybe you wer trying to create a human being. I see clay that gained some flesh. Try again, you might succeed."