A husband, whose monthly income is N75K, complains about his wife reporting him to their family for being stingy despite giving her N30K monthly
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A married woman expresses dissatisfaction with her husband, who earns a monthly salary of N75K, for providing only N30K per month for household expenses. The husband anonymously reaches out to a Twitter user, @jon_d_doe, to share his concerns about his wife's criticism of his financial contributions to the family.

The husband explains that out of his N75K salary, he allocates N30K for food and also covers the school fees for their three children, which amounts to approximately N90K per academic term. Despite his efforts, his wife remains unsatisfied and has taken the matter to her parents, accusing him of being stingy and not adequately providing for the family.

In response, a self-proclaimed marriage adviser advises the husband that he should not have had three children if he is earning N75K per month. The adviser suggests that even if the husband were to give 90% of his salary to his wife, it would still not be enough to meet her expectations. The adviser concludes that the husband has set himself up for failure by having a wife and three children to support.

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You should not have 3 children, if you're earning 75k per month.

Even if you give your wife 90% of your salary, it will not be enough for her.

You set yourself up for failure.

And I don't blame your wife.

You have her, & 3 children to feed.

End. [a href="https://t.co/IqF8HueGsN"]pic.twitter.com/IqF8HueGsN[/a]

— Agba John Doe (@jon_d_doe) [a href="https://twitter.com/jon_d_doe/status/1661816983002685460?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"]May 25, 2023[/a]