5 Ways to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion in the UK
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Gamstop serves as a valuable program, aiding individuals in curtailing their online gambling activities. Nevertheless, it does have its set of limitations. If you're already a Gamstop member but now feel confident about resuming responsible gambling, you may be wondering about the available alternatives. So, how can you bypass the roadblock that is Gamstop? However, returning to UK-based bookmakers using your existing ID may pose challenges. While the option of using third-party details to establish a new account with a UK-licensed bookmaker exists, it's essential to recognize the associated risks, making it a less recommended course of action.
The encouraging news is that various legitimate avenues enable you to continue enjoying responsible gambling. In this article, we will be taking through the several ways to bypass the self-exclusion program in the UK, which includes seeking out for any casino not on GamStop, as well as some no-verification sites. By exploring these responsible options, you can make informed decisions aligned with your well-being, ensuring that your gambling activities remain both enjoyable and controlled. But first, let's understand what GamStop is all about.
What is GamStop?
GamStop is a self-exclusion program launched in the UK in 2018. It allows individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from all licensed gambling websites and apps for a specific period, typically between six months and five years. During this exclusion period, individuals cannot access their gambling accounts or create new ones with UK-licensed operators.
How Does GamStop Work?
Registration: To get started, individuals must visit the GamStop website and complete the registration process. This involves providing personal details, including name, date of birth, and address.
Exclusion Period: Users can choose the length of their exclusion period, which can range from six months to five years. Once set, this period cannot be shortened.
Database Integration: GamStop shares the registered user data with all participating UK gambling operators. These operators are then obligated to block access to their gambling services for the specified exclusion period.
Reinstatement: At the end of the exclusion period, individuals must contact GamStop to request reinstatement. This process involves a 24-hour cooling-off period to ensure users are making an informed decision.
Five Ways To Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion
So, you found yourself in the GamStop self-exclusion program, and you've applied for a one or more years program. You don't have to lose all hope just yet, as you still have a few chances at indulging in your favourite casino games. However, if you're the type that is more inclined to gambling addiction, then you should be sticking to the GamStop program, and avoid all gambling platforms at all costs. 
If you don't belong to that category, then you should proceed with the article. Below are a few ways to bypass GamStop self-exclusion.
Using Non-GamStop Sites
This is, arguably, the most popular and common method gamblers in the UK exploit to bypass the GamStop program. All they have to do is just create a new account with platforms that are not registered in the GamStop program, and continue their gaming session with them. You should narrow down your results with casinos that are not licensed or regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Just look out for casinos that accept UK players, and it is being licensed by other gambling authorities.
Using The Local Betting Shops
The local betting shops around you are not included in the Gambling Act, which also means that they are not included in the GamStop program. So, this is another effective means to get past the self-exclusion program. You can easily place your bets at any betting shop regardless of the length of your GamStop exclusion program. 
Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Knowing that you have been flagged away from every UKGC-licensed betting site, you'll have no other choice but to check out offshore betting platforms. This is possible with the use of VPN. There are probably hundreds of online betting sites operating outside the United Kingdom with a great reputation.
These offshore betting platforms are legal and licensed by other reputable gaming authorities across the globe. Most of them are not registered or regulated by GamStop, and they are always packed with interesting bonuses and promotions, especially the platforms targetting UK gamblers.
Gambling at No-Verification Sites
Most betting sites in the United Kingdom always carry out a background check on every new player registering on their website. In this way, this is to ensure that players already in the self-exclusion program wouldn't be able to avoid GamStop. This makes it difficult for players, with an active GamStop, to carry out any gambling-related activities on any platform.
However, you'll be pleased to know that there are now platforms that don't require any ID verification before you gamble. They are called No-Verification sites. You will get to enjoy a good gambling experience at sites like these as they offer the same thing as the traditional online casinos operating in the United Kingdom.
Using Shared Account
Another common method to bypass the GamStop program is by using a share account. This can be considered to be the safest way to bypass GamStop, as long as you're gambling responsibly. You can easily ask your friend to share his/her account with you.
The advantage of this is that your friend can stop you from getting addicted to gambling in the long run. This is why it is considered to be the best way.
GamStop has always been some sort of roadblock to gamblers in the UK, especially the ones that registered for more years than they could afford.
While most UK gamblers always seek ways to bypass GamStop, the program has numerous advantages to it. It was created to deal with the various gambling addiction that was previously on the rise in the United Kingdom, and it has managed to reduce its rate over the years since its establishment. So even if you're bypassing GamStop, be sure to gamble responsibly.

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