Peter Obi describes reports of Ukraine donating food to Nigeria as a "National Disgrace"
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Former presidential candidate Peter Obi strongly criticizes the Nigerian government for accepting Ukraine's donation of 25,000 tons of wheat, deeming it a "national disgrace." Expressing gratitude to Ukraine, Obi highlights the irony of a nation with abundant human and natural resources relying on aid from a country engulfed in war. He emphasizes the need for visionary leadership, strategic resource management, and a shift in national priorities to address systemic failures. While acknowledging Ukraine's generosity, Obi urges Nigerian leaders to focus on key sectors like agriculture, security, and manufacturing to overcome the embarrassment of depending on foreign aid for basic necessities.

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In his comprehensive statement, Peter Obi reflects on the disparities between Nigeria and Ukraine in terms of land usage, GDP per capita, and agricultural productivity. He calls for a concerted effort to invest in productive sectors, address insecurity, and support small businesses to propel Nigeria towards a productive and self-sufficient future within the next 4 to 5 years.