Over 10 people are killed as suspected Fulani militias attack a community in Plateau State
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Suspected Fulani militias launched a deadly attack on Mandung-Mushu and Kopnanle villages in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State, resulting in the tragic death of approximately 10 individuals.

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Barr Farmasum Fuddang, the Chairman of Bokkos Cultural Development Council (BCDC) Vanguard, addressed the media the following day, expressing profound sorrow over the previous night's events.

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He described the attack as "heart-wrenching" and condemned the assailants, identified as Fulani terrorists, for their ruthless actions against innocent and defenseless residents.

Despite the presence of security forces, including the DSS, army, and Police, Fuddang criticized the lack of effective intervention, allowing the attackers to operate with impunity.

The chairman emphasized that the assault, which primarily targeted children, appeared to be part of a broader agenda aimed at instilling fear and displacing communities.

He expressed outrage over a leaked memo falsely accusing their community of planning violence against Fulani residents and demanded answers from the authorities regarding the security lapses.

Fuddang underscored the urgency for transparency and accountability, refusing to accept further injustice against their people.

He highlighted the pattern of false alarms raised by Fulani terrorists to justify attacks, urging the DSS to clear its name and ensure the safety of all residents.

In a resolute tone, Fuddang declared their readiness to pursue legal action if satisfactory explanations were not provided promptly, asserting that they would not tolerate being targeted and vilified while their safety remained compromised.