Lagos City witnesses protests due to soaring living expenses
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Protesters have taken to the streets of Lagos, expressing frustration over the surging cost of living and soaring food prices, despite warnings from the police.

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The demonstrators, identified as the human rights group 'Take It Back Movement,' marched through the Ojuelegba area, brandishing placards with various inscriptions highlighting concerns about the rising prices and the cost of living in the state.

Speaking to reporters, TIB National Coordinator, Juwon Sanyaolu, emphasized that the protest aimed to demonstrate the people's will against oppressive tendencies and economic hardships.

“Yes, despite police attempts to frustrate the people, Lagosians stood their ground. The police are paid by taxpayers’ money, they are meant to secure us. We were able to march from Yaba Labour House to Maryland. The protest will continue tomorrow, and updates will be given. We will join NLC in their nationwide mass action to put an end to this hardship created by the ruling elite,” Sanyaolu added.

Highlighting their demands, Sanyaolu asserted, “The Tinubu-led government must immediately reverse the fuel subsidy removal, the floating of naira, and other policies of the International Monetary Fund imposed on Nigerians.”

Police officers were present at the protest to prevent potential violence. Lagos Commissioner of Police, Adegoke Fayoade, had issued a warning against any protests in the state on Sunday.