“Stop portraying hardworking Igbo men as ritualists” – Actress Praiz Sam tells Nollywood directors
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Nollywood fast-rising star, Praiz Sam has beckoned on the directors of Nollywood to stop portraying hardworking Igbo men as ritualists in their movies.

The actress in a post shared on Instagram says that this narrative is faulty and has damaged the belief that Igbo men make their money through false means especially via rituals.

She wrote;

“A Letter to MY NOLLYWOOD!!..Dear Nollywood,How are you?Hope you’re doing great?😊A quick one!!

Please, can we glorify the hardworking part of IGBO MEN, in our movies??Instead of “RITUALS” alllllllll the time!!

I mean, people are beginning to see it as a norm and if you really want to look into it yeah, IGBO MEN IN NIGERIA ARE THE MOST HARDWORKING MEN!!!

Yes, I said what I said!! With my FULL CHEST!! “Even the ladies”

Let me take you back to the comments about the (#Oba celebration of life )The comment section was filled with a lot of Negativity!! Wow!

So an Igbo man can’t make clean money again?? I don’t understand it…

I have stayed in the midst of them ( they talk about business, 80percent of all the time, always very calculative)… I mean, we (Nollywood) are MINISTERS TOO!! we preach through our movies and subconsciously get into the minds of people !!!

So, I beckon on our writers to please showcase more of “REAL, CLEAN, GROWTH STORIES “ not just for the IGBO MEN! But especially for them, because we kinda gave them this Look, through our movies!!

Ps: I’m not dating any Igbo man oh! Just saying the Bitter truth. “THEY WORK VERY HARD, and that part of themDESERVES CLARITY “✌️✌️

Thanks & GODBLESS US ALL🙏🏾✈️

I am – PRAISE SAM OGAN(Yours Faithfully )😃😃 1❤️🙏🏾”


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