Stitches Net Worth 2020: Bio, Age, and Spouse
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As the entertainment industry continues to upsurge, rising stars are bound to be on the watch. Here on this article, we have cover all you need to know about a young fast-rising American rapper, Stitches, which include net worth, Bio, Age, and Married.

Who is Stitches?

Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis is popularly known as Stitches. He is a hip hop singer who rose to prominence with the song titled "Brick In Yo Face".

Katsabanis was formerly known as Lil Phil. While In 2014, he premiered his first mixtape dubbed "No Snitching Is My Statement", accompanied with a debut album in 2015, titled For Drug Dealers Only which racked up a record 21 million views and propelled stitches net worth.

Early Life

The American hip hop star was born on 17 June 1995 in Miami, Florida, the United States to Esther and Alexander Katsabanis.

Both divorced when Katsabanis was only a year old with both parents of Greek and Cuban descent. Meanwhile, this did not stop him from reaching his dream, as he has been a passionate rapper from an early age.

Katsabanis manage to gain little high school education at John A. Ferguson Senior High School before his drop out with a series of street life in-between including drug and gun selling to meet up end need.

He got married in 2012 to Erica Duarte and divorced in 2017 with three children  Rex, Rocco, and Evelyn.

What is stitches net worth?

He may not have gotten to the standard of other US top rappers, but he is moving in the right direction to become one of the great rappers time to come. As recently in March 2020, the Net worth of Stitches is estimated to be $500 thousand.

Indeed, his net worth will increase over time as he continues to be relevant within the entertainment sphere.

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