“Instead of giving it to an ungrateful soul, I rather give to the needy” – Nkechi Blessing reacts after being called over N100k debt
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Actress Nkechi Blessing has reacted and has also addressed the hair vendor as an “ungrateful soul” after she was being called out for being indebted to a supposed hair vendor for the sum of N100k.

It was earlier reported that a gossip blogger, Gistlovers, called out the actress over the sum of N100k owed to a hair vendor after not keeping to her bargain of the business deal.

Reacting to this story, Nkechi Blessing has decided to do a giveaway of N100k to small business owners.

According to her, she rather gives out the money to those that need it rather than to an ungrateful soul.

She wrote;

“Even if this is the last money in my account, instead of giving it to an ungrateful soul who I posted her business twice for free on my page, I rather give it to those that needs it..ya all can’t change who I am NEVER… Right now Owo ti ku wazo but it’s fine… I don’t remember telling anyone I was a billionaire, I simply cut my coat according to my Sokoto…however you see me is your own cup of tea, Dts why nothing in this life ever moves me..instead I use to to my own benefit… Thank you all for coming una fit resume the dragging**Kilo kan Iru awa yi”

Sharing a screenshot of two small businesses she helped with the sum of N50k each to boost their business as promised.

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