The notebook of popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid when he was in Junior Secondary School has surfaced on the internet and it has got people talking. 

According to what is seen on the photo shared, the ‘Ojuelegba’ crooner attended the prestigious Ijebu Ode Grammar School located in Ogun state.

The date on the notebook is seen to be 2001.. mhen that was a long time ago.

But what attracted comments on the social network about the note was the fact that he used 3 subjects for one notebook.

Wizkid used one notebook for Literature, Business Studies and French.. Lol 😂

See photo of the notebook below:

See some reactions below:

some make it in class and some made it in life

This book should be kept in the museum

This was not the only crazy thing @wizkidayo  did in that school that year baba was part of the grammar school(jogs) bicycle rider that year baba no dy go class like that

Ixzit js6 I'm seeing dia😂😂😂😂😂

The handwriting is so fine

See screenshots of the reactions below:

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  • Date: Mar 31

Don't jugde a BOOK by it's cover

Mentioning talented singers, today, he is one among few BEST

Hola At You BOY (2010)!

  • Date: Apr 01
Ęvęñ mę đįđ ťhåť in ds ťhøšę sđæÿš 😂😂
  • Date: Apr 01
Ęvęñ mę đįđ ťhåť in ds ťhøšę sđæÿš 😂😂