Don Jazzy opens up on his wife and children
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Mavin Records boss, Michael Ajereh, aka Don Jazzy, turned 38 recently, and people have been wondering when he would would get married and start having kids just as he is approaching 40.

Well, the Mavin Record CEO is not perturbed by all that, instead he is more focused on his music business and his immediate family.

Here's what he said;

“I am doing well and I have a beautiful business. My family is healthy and comfortable. 

I know a lot of people would say because I am not married and don’t have children, that means I am not happy. But, I am very happy (laughs). 

I am not missing anything. Perhaps, in the future, I would start missing little children but for now, I am actually fine. I feel fulfilled and grateful. I thank God,”

he told Punch in a recent interview.

Don Jazzy also revealed the most profound lessons he has learnt over the years.He says, 

“I have learnt a lot and it may not be so easy to single some out now. I have always been a patient person and I believe in striking when the time is right. 

That has always worked for me. Also, all the things that have happened in my life make me believe that ‘a good name is better than silver or gold’. 

The person that came up with that saying definitely knew what they were saying. 

I have maintained a good name and brand, and that has always worked for me. If everybody could be like that, it would be a great world.”

Wondering why Don Baba J as he is fondly called likes free-flowing robes? Here are his reasons.

“Absolutely nothing. I go for anything that is available. Different fashion designers that want to work with me give me clothes to wear or I buy them. 

I am not a fashionista; I don’t know anything about fashion. I wear anything that looks good on me. 

However, I prefer clothes that don’t show my ‘boobs’.”

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