Woman asked about dating her former married partner
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0
One Nigerian Twitter user has posted about a woman who is still in a relationship with her former partner who got married to someone else two years ago.

The Twitter user narrated how the woman had dated her former partner for four years, but he ended things with her to marry another woman. However, shockingly, the woman is still seeing her former partner in different hotels despite his marriage to another woman. 

The man ended up dumping her to settle down with another woman.

Shockingly, for the past 2 years, she still continues her relationship with her married ex. She wonders if it’s “low self-esteem or madness.”

She Tweeted:

“You dated someone for 4 years, when it’s time for him to settle down, he got married to someone else. 2years now into his marriage and you’re still linking up with him in different hotels; is it low self-esteem or madness? Odiegwu.”

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