Tolulope Onamade shares a harrowing experience of almost falling victim to ritualistic practices after accompanying friends for a hook-up
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Tolulope Onamade, a Yoruba actress, has opened up on how she was nearly used for money rituals when she joined her friends for a hook-up.

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The actress opened up about some of the negative situations she has faced in her life, including the time she nearly fell for a man who wanted to use her for ritualistic financial gain.

In a video shared on Talk To B5000’s official Instagram page, she revealed that she was taken to a shrine in Ogun State but the native doctor refused to use her for the rituals.

Tolulope Onamade, Yoruba actress

In her words: “When I joined my friends for hook-up, a guy wanted to use me for money rituals.

“The guy said I would stay with him for a week and promised to give me a hundred thousand naira, but my friend stole 100 dollars from the guys, and she was caught, and they vowed to use both of us for money rituals.

“They later released my friend, but they didn’t release me, and they took me to Ogun State in Ijebu, but the day the native doctor was ready to use me, he told the guy that they should release me because I’m not useful to them.”