Speed Darlington captivated by a woman's presence at a wedding ceremony
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Controversial musician Speed Darlington, also known as Akpi, caused a stir on social media after sharing a video where he was captivated by a bridesmaid's body shape at a wedding.

The video, posted on TikTok by @to_my_naira_account, showed Akpi expressing his admiration for the bridesmaid's physique, even jokingly declaring his intention to leave with her instead of the groom.

Akpi humorously remarked, “Asia, let me carry this one and go. I have seen who I will marry at Asia’s wedding,” highlighting the bridesmaid's attractive figure as the reason behind his interest.

Netizens found Akpi's reaction amusing, leading to various humorous comments and reactions to his fascination with the bridesmaid's backside.

Verified _genzzy commented: “The wedding you came for is none of your concern.”

@frankkonnnel asked: “Which country is this?”

@wisdomokorom joked: “Akpi, don't be carried away. Check if that backside is made in Aba.”

@iamgoodlife laughed: “These girls will not kill us oh.”

Only1_21ndmbelievel remarked: “Akpi can never be serious.”

Frank_huncho teased: “She must be wearing a backside pad.”

@kizito humorously commented: “I thought the chief priest was the one getting married.”

@tool 'sforlife quipped: “What is he saying?”

Watch the video below:


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