Solomon Buchi asks: "Who is Bobrisky's political mentor in Nigeria?"
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Media personality and life coach, Solomon Buchi, raises questions about the influential figure supporting renowned crossdresser, Bobrisky, shielding him from legal repercussions.

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In light of Bobrisky's recent controversies, including clashes with prominent activists like VeryDarkMan and his recognition as the Best Dressed Female at the "Beast of Two Worlds" movie premiere, Solomon Buchi congratulated him while probing into the source of his political backing.

Expressing skepticism about Bobrisky's ability to operate publicly without fear of prosecution, Solomon Buchi suggests that the crossdresser likely enjoys support from influential allies in Nigerian politics, law enforcement, and among various politicians.

He highlights the disparity in treatment, speculating that Bobrisky's affluent status and political connections shield him from legal consequences that a poorer individual might face in similar circumstances.

His inquiry prompts reflection on the extent of Bobrisky's political network and the reasons behind the government's perceived leniency towards him.

Read Solomon Buchi's full statement and reflections in the post below: