Singer's 4th baby mama, Ashabi, unfazed by Portable flaunting wife and other baby mamas
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Notable Nollywood actress, Ashabi Simple, who shares a child with the singer Portable, reveals that she remains unfazed when he showcases his wife, Zainab, on his social media platforms.

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In her defense, the aspiring actress points out that Portable is already married and has children with other women prior to their relationship.

Ashabi raises a question about who would take care of Portable if she were to succeed in driving away Zainab, as she alone cannot manage the responsibilities of the controversial singer.

Referring to him as her husband, she praises him for providing for her and acknowledges that many single men cannot accomplish half of what he does for her.

While expressing contentment with her current situation with the singer, Ashabi Simple vows to stand by his side indefinitely.

Portable and his wife, Zainab on her birthday. Credit: omobewaji_ewatomi_oluwaferanmi / Instagram.

Condemning the meddling online in-laws in a now-deleted video, she urges them to respect her position as one of the singer's wives and allow her to be.

Ashabi Simple on why she is unbothered about wife, baby mamas of Portable

“My husband is married, he has baby mamas, which I was aware of before being with him. Whenever he posts his wife, I am not saddened because I know she is his wife.

If I pursue her, who would take care of our husband? I cannot take care of him alone; he is our husband. I cannot send her away, and besides, I am not the first woman to get married to a married man.

I am not sad; I am happy that I have him. The single guys cannot even do half of what he does for me. God knows that my heart is happy, and he will be my husband forever. God would not ruin his home for him or allow his wife to leave because I cannot take care of him myself.

I knew he was married before I entered a relationship with him.

To the online in-laws, what is your problem that you are telling me to leave someone's husband alone? You do not want me to be depressed, but you are in my comment section saying a lot of things.”

Snapshot of Ashabi Simple’s now-deleted video to online in-laws. Credit: Ashabi_Simple / Instagram.