Premium breakfast served to me took more than a year to recover from
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Media personality, Toolz, whose given name is Tolu Oniru, has revealed that it took her over a year before she could recover from her last breakup.

The radio host made this known while responding to a tweet which requested that men share how long it takes them to recover after they have had their hearts broken.

Toolz said that her recovery from her heartbreak was quite arduous and it took her more than a year to get over the pains and sorrows of the breakup. She added that the breakup was so intense that it was like being served a five-dish premium breakfast, which is colloquial for heartbreak.

In her own words, she said: "Took me over a year to heal from my worst heartbreak…don’t even remember much from that period, just that everything was dark. I’m not being dramatic, I was served a 5 dish premium breakfast. Is it the same for guys? Or do you guys just hold in your feelings, and decide to spread terror and wickedness to womankind globally??"