Politicians brainwashed our parents' votes– Rudeboy
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Rudeboy, of the Nigerian music duo P-Square, recently shared his opinion on the influence of politicians on voters, particularly the older generation. He asserted that politicians brainwashed and fooled many of our parents back in the day, which led to them voting for them. According to Rudeboy, politicians would go around begging people to vote for them, and this was their exact method of brainwashing parents into earning their votes. However, he expressed gratitude towards technology for exposing the new generation to different perspectives and allowing them to make informed decisions. In his post, he urged the youth to continue educating themselves and others on political matters. His full statement reads:

“The way politicians are desperate going round and begging people for vote ehhh!!! I can categorically tell you that they fooled most of our parents. They brainwashed them, they used them. God of technology thank you ohh. We done wise. Dear youth please continue to teach.”

Rudeboy's post was accompanied by an image that depicted a politician speaking to a group of people in a rural area. His statement highlights the importance of being well-informed and critical of politicians' actions and promises, especially during election periods.