Nigerians remember late singer Mohbad as "a very kind man" in their heartfelt tributes
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Users of the X App have come together to share their heartwarming experiences with the late singer Mohbad, highlighting his acts of kindness, support, and genuine humility that left an enduring impact on their lives.

These individuals fondly reminisced about the late singer Mohbad, recounting moments when he exhibited remarkable acts of support and connection before his untimely passing.

According to @Fayokunmii, Mohbad had reached out to their brother to express support for his music. What makes this gesture even more touching is that Mohbad initiated the conversation, demonstrating his genuine interest and generosity.

She wrote: "Nah Mohbad was too good to be true, just finding out he even texted my own brother to show support to his music. Na him even first text my bro, as in e don even blow as at then."

Another user, @jayebros, shared a heartwarming story about Mohbad's positive impact on their business journey. In 2019, when they rented their first shop for @QualityGadgets_, they were concerned about meeting the increased rent bill. To expand their reach on Instagram, they reached out to various celebrities for a free repost on their stories. Mohbad not only responded but went above and beyond, reposting their content three times without any charge.

@mzzsholz reacted: "From all the videos I've been seeing people post you will know he was cool with everyone they just cut his life short out of jealousy."

@oyindamolami_ xo said: "He was a really sweet boyyyy too sweet for this world."

These heartwarming testimonials shed light on Mohbad's positive and caring nature, leaving an indelible mark on those whose lives he touched.