Dele Momodu apologizes to those he hasn't been able to assist, explaining that if he hasn't answered their calls, it's because he finds it difficult to say no
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Dele Momodu, a prominent Nigerian journalist and successful businessman, issues a public apology to individuals whom he's unable to financially assist. The owner of the renowned Ovation magazine takes to Twitter to express his frustration at not being able to help as many people as he would like. Despite his desire to support others, he emphasizes the need to prioritize his personal projects. Momodu further pleads with those whose calls he hasn't answered, explaining that he respects them too much to decline their requests. In his heartfelt message, he acknowledges feeling torn about saying no and assures that it stems from respect rather than disdain. Momodu concludes by expressing his hope for understanding during this challenging period.

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Renowned journalist and businessman, Dele Momodu.

He shares his message with sincerity and humility, expressing his reliance on God's assistance to bless those in genuine need. Despite being a man of modest income, he strives not to overextend himself financially. Momodu's post reflects his commitment to maintaining integrity and managing his resources responsibly.

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