“My ex-husband threatened me with gun” – Sandra Iheuwa
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Sandra Iheuwa, a notable businesswoman, recently shared a harrowing experience involving her ex-husband Steve Maduka, the CEO of Royal Hairs Limited. Sandra revealed in a podcast interview with actor Nedu on The Honest Bunch Podcast that her tumultuous marriage to Maduka came to an abrupt end when he allegedly threatened her with a gun and forcibly ejected her from their home.

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The businesswoman, known for her past relationship with Ubi Franklin before marrying Maduka, disclosed that her marriage was short-lived due to Maduka's insistence on her departure. According to Sandra, her ex-husband accused her of neglecting proper hygiene, which became the catalyst for their relationship's unraveling.

Popular businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa. Source: Google[/figure]

Sandra shared her perspective, stating, “He [my ex-husband] said I was throwing pillows on the floor and I wasn’t cleaning the house. We had a house boy, so I don’t understand how a whole CEO and businesswoman has to be cleaning her whole house.”

She continued, “He also said that I wasn’t cooking for him. We had a chef. He said I needed to be in the kitchen directing the chef, and I said we already have a timetable.”

Detailing the shocking turn of events, Sandra recounted, “So, one morning, he woke me up and was like, ‘Sandra, leave my house.’ He threatened me with a gun. He said he was gonna shoot me. He was shouting and insulting my parents. I was doing everything he wanted me to do. I left my business and I was cooking, doing everything with heavy pregnancy. I will serve him food on the tray because that is what he wants. He is a traditional man. So, I did all of that. He said, ‘Nah,’ I’m pretending.”

“He said that I was pretending that if he just gave me another week, I would go back to the way I was. I told him that I wasn’t pretending that I was doing what it took to take care of my marriage and protect my marriage. But he insisted I leave,” Sandra concluded.