Moses Bliss breaks into tongues upon seeing wife on their wedding day
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A video captured the heartfelt reaction of Nigerian singer Moses Bliss upon seeing his radiant wife on their wedding day.

The gospel artist was visibly moved by his wife's beauty, continuously admiring her while she bashfully smiled.

Upon laying eyes on her, he began speaking in tongues, captivating the guests who watched the loving couple with admiration.

Some attendees pulled out their phones to capture the touching moment between the two.

Moses's wife, Marie, couldn't contain her shy smile as he continued to adore her and speak in tongues.

However, some netizens deemed his reaction unnecessary, expressing their opinions on the seriousness of speaking in tongues. Others commented on the style of his wife's gele (headscarf).

@puritydbest remarked: “As the bride appeared, he couldn't hold back and started speaking in tongues instead of complimenting her headgear.”

Nigeria-based beautician joked: “Forget about him... it's the gele that made him speak in tongues.”

@mercyumeh145 pointed out: “No one is discussing the jewelry.”

@eminent criticized: “Honestly, Moses, you're going overboard.”

OluwahNancy commented: “Is that gele even a headscarf?”

NNPC quipped: “Even the gele is spiritual.”

Brown sugar exclaimed: “The gele is on fire!”

Betty noticed: “Look at her radiant smile.”

Lilycan joked: “A God-fearing gele.”

Xcell remarked: “They're going too far, seriously.”

@bleco questioned: “Is speaking in tongues now a joke?”

CEEC TRAVELS speculated: “Maybe Moses Bliss's ex tied that gele, you never know.”

Watch the video below:


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