Bisi Alimi criticizes Moses Bliss and his label signee, Neeja
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Nigerian LGBTQ+ activist, Bisi Alimi, has criticized Moses Bliss and his record label signee, Neeja, over a recent video, accusing them of idolatry.

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Alimi, known for advocating for the rights of gay men in Nigeria, took to his Instagram story to express his disapproval of the video, which shows Neeja kneeling for Moses Bliss, who was seated in a car, while receiving prayers from him.

Gay activist, Bisi Alimi.

In the video, Neeja was seen kneeling for Moses Bliss who was sitted in a car while praying for him.

The video did not sit well with Bisi Alimi who strongly criticized the action and referred to it as “pure stupidity and idolatory”

Here are some reactions to Bisi Alimi’s story

iam_degeneral 7 wrote: “This generation choose to be WOKE for the wrong set of things, you can all agree for a fan to see and scream for your worldly FAVES. But it’s stupidity when someone kneels and Honour a man that hears from God directly, something your ear can never hear cause of po**. Woke again for stupid things, JEUSS IS KING”

cynthia_eloho stated: “Once it’s about Christianity y’all will be vibrating. Isreal can lay down on the floor for his boss Davido but this guy cannot kneel down to receive prayers from his boss??? Even this one that bends over for his fellow man is criticizing 🤡”

an_tho_ney opined: “I personally think that a gay rights activist has no moral standing to say anything concerning anybody generally..”

itsemeh_ commented: “I have alot to say but I will rather read comments. But then again, is Moses bliss a pastor or gospel artist?”

glamandglow_skincare added: “I Know Come People Will Disagree Or Come For Me, BUT The Fact Is That Somethings Are Just Spiritual, Person No Fit Explain Am Finish. He Isn’t Kneeling For The Regular Moses Bliss We All Know Instead, He Is Kneeling And Respecting The Grace And Anointing Of God Upon Moses Bliss….As I Said. SOMETHINGS ARE SPIRITUAL”

Watch the video here