Mohbad’s widow testifies before coroner, recalls singer’s last moments
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The widow of the late Afrobeats musician Mohbad provided a detailed testimony during the coroner's inquest in Lagos, shedding light on the singer's final moments and the events that unfolded at the Ikorodu concert where he tragically passed away.

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Late Mohbad and Wunmi.

In her emotional testimony, Mohbad's widow, Wunmi, recounted that the singer began to experience discomfort after a nurse injected him in his room. She mentioned, "When the nurse injected him, he stated that he felt uncomfortable. The nurse came around 1:00 pm on Tuesday, and by that time, his hand had started to swell."

She revealed that the injury that led to his discomfort had resulted from a fight with his close friend, Primeboy, on Sunday night, September 10th, at the Ikorodu Town Hall. Despite the injury being relatively minor, Mohbad chose not to seek medical attention at a hospital.

On the evening of September 10, 2023, Mohbad arrived at the Ikorodu concert at around 7:00 pm and performed his set at approximately 9:00 pm. However, when they attempted to leave the venue, a large crowd of fans surrounded them, making it challenging to find a way out.

Wunmi explained, "He (Mohbad) wanted to leave after his performance, but the entire area was blocked. He asked his friend Prime Boy to inform his brother, Adura Aloba, to instruct the bouncers to allow their car to leave. However, they were told to wait until another artist finished performing."

She continued, "Prime Boy returned, expressing his displeasure with the way Mohbad's brother had acted, stating that Mohbad should take action. Nevertheless, Mohbad chose not to confront his brother in public. This caused Mohbad considerable frustration, as they had been delayed for over two hours, and he was upset with the situation."

During the argument between Primeboy and Mohbad, Wunmi was seated in the middle of the commotion. As the situation escalated, Mohbad got out of the car and went to confront Primeboy on the other side of the vehicle. She recalled, "I was in the middle of it, and my husband got out of the car because he was upset with Prime Boy for addressing him as 'Promise,' a name he disliked being called in public."

Wunmi's testimony provided crucial insights into the events leading up to Mohbad's tragic passing, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident that took the life of the talented musician.