Mohbad's father demands DNA test before son's burial
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Joseph Aloba, the father of late singer Mohbad, has insisted that a DNA test must be done on his grandson before the late musician can be buried.

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It would be recalled that amid widespread requests for an inquiry into Mohbad’s contentious death, his body was dug up for an autopsy a few days after his burial.

Mohbad’s father. Photo source: Google.[/figure]

Nevertheless, it is reported that the autopsy performed on the deceased singer’s body was unable to determine the reason of his demise.

Many people have been calling for the remains to be buried after the unsuccessful autopsy.

Late Mohbad. Photo source: Google.[/figure]

In response, Mr. Aloba vowed in a recent TVC interview that he would not allow his son’s body to be buried until his grandson Liam had undergone a DNA test to determine his genuine paternity.

He said:

“I have to do the DNA [on Mohbad’s son] before the burial

“I’m doubting the [the paternity of Mohbad’s] son also. Sometimes she [Mohbad’s wife] will leave home for 3 days without the consent of the husband.”

Speaking on allegations of trying to inherit his son’s wealth, he stated:

“When Mohbad was alive, we were friends. If he buys clothes for himself, he would also buy for me.

“Since his death, I have never gone to his house. I have never gone there for anything. But some people misinterpreted things so whenever they see me with a shirt, they say it is Mohbad’s. Is it compulsory that it must be from my son? I have my own clothes, too”