"Meeting Ruth Kadiri changed everything for me," reveals Chidi Dike, citing a shift in roles
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Fast-rising star Chidi Dike has opened up about his journey to prominence in the film industry and the pivotal role played by Ruth Kadiri in his career trajectory.

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Speaking with Punch in an interview, Chidi revealed the initial challenges he faced in breaking into the acting profession, struggling to secure roles from producers despite his perceived talent.

In his early days, he felt confident in his abilities but lacked the opportunities to showcase them until he crossed paths with Ruth Kadiri, a prominent movie producer and actress.

He emphasized the importance of established figures in the industry nurturing new talent, believing that the Nigerian film industry could thrive even more by fostering the growth of younger generations of actors.

Chidi Chike, Upcoming Nollywood actor.

“Joining the movie industry was quite challenging. At first, I did not get many acting roles because I did not know many people in the industry, but I believed I was talented. However, things changed when I met actress Ruth Kadiri.

“I think the industry will be a better place if producers and directors take more time to discover new talents because there are a lot out there.

“The old faces in the industry are already established. They should intentionally bring up younger ones and build the next generation of artists. The industry will grow even bigger if they can invest in younger people,” he said.