Maureen Esisi questions the idea of marrying an individual who has experienced two divorces, labeling it as a potential red flag
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Nigerian businesswoman, Maureen Esisi, raises an inquiry about the viability of marrying an individual who has experienced two divorces, considering it a potential red flag.

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Maureen specifically questions whether tying the knot with someone who has been married twice, especially when both ex-spouses are alive, should be considered a warning sign. She emphasizes her stance in a now-deleted post, asserting that such a person might be a narcissist, and no one can convince her otherwise.

Maureen Esisi

The ex-wife of Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu, receives diverse reactions from netizens, with some supporting her perspective, while others express different opinions on whether this situation is indeed a red flag.

See netizens' reactions below:

Mikkyx: “It’s actually a big red flag. It means the fault is from the man/woman. Cause once beaten, twice shy. How dem take beat you two times?”

Quincy Focus: “You’re the red flag. Thank God Blossom noticed on time.”

Ruth Nkeki: “The fault might not be from the man but it’s a red flag. You should have a double mind about such person.”