#LekkiMassacre: "The army can’t just kill an innocent person, the people killed were supporting Yahoo” – Pastor says (Video)
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A Nigerian pastor has showed his support for the Nigerian government, saying they did the right thing by killing those who went out to protest.

According to the man who identified himself as “pastor”, the protesters are supporting fraud and it is right to kill someone who supports fraud.

He said;

“This is pastor. We support the federal government. What they did is right. 

The army cannot just kill an innocent somebody which is he has to kill somebody that goes to protest for Yahoo. 

What is Yahoo? Online fraud. Are you supporting fraud? Fraud is a sin”.

Watch the video below;

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No name  (Oct 22, 2020) 
Tell that useless pastor that if he has son his son will be the next that sars will kill and ask him if he was called by god what who called him he is useless
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No name  (Oct 22, 2020) 
They will kill his family too like dat accept if him didn't come out from woman body
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Red man  (Oct 22, 2020) 
You're very stupid and useless see your life as pastor because the thief wey dey thief from church nobody complain thunder strike you
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Presh  (Oct 22, 2020) 
You are very stupid for splitting such nonsense out you are a big fool Idiot
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