Illbliss challenges older artists to create music, citing ageism as a concern in Nigeria
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Nigerian rapper, Tobechukwu Ejiofor, widely known as Illbliss, has issued a challenge to the OGs (original gangsters) in the music industry, urging them to release new music amidst claims of paving the way for emerging Nigerian artists. During an interview on Channels TV, Illbliss shared his perspective on the ongoing controversies surrounding the acknowledgment of artists who paved the way for others.

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Expressing the view that everyone is entitled to their opinion, Illbliss acknowledged that if some artists believe the way wasn't paved for them, it's their personal stance. Despite older musicians not providing record deals to younger artists, he argued that every emerging artist draws inspiration from their predecessors.

Illbliss, however, highlighted ageism as a growing issue in Nigeria and issued a challenge to the OGs to actively participate in making music. He expressed dissatisfaction with the energy from older artists, emphasizing the hard work put in by the younger generation.

In response to Illbliss's statement, Nigerian singer Ric Hassani praised him for his intelligence and expressed respect, emphasizing the importance of Illbliss's perspective on the matter.