I Go Save criticizes the government for arresting pedestrians who don't use pedestrian bridges
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Nigerian comedian, I Go Save, directs a series of questions to the government regarding their recent implementation of a law to arrest pedestrians for not using the pedestrian bridge.

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In a video shared on his Instagram page, the comedian expresses concern after witnessing numerous instances of the Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) squad apprehending individuals for failing to utilize pedestrian bridges.

I Go Save

Even though it makes sense to enforce the law, he feels the effort used to apprehend these pedestrians is archaic.

He demanded that, as in other developed nations, there be effective traffic signals for zebra crossings and pedestrians.

He also inquired as to whether the construction of the pedestrian bridge with its lengthy stairs took into account the needs of those with disabilities.

Check out some reactions that followed…

princeiwoh said: “I totally agree with you Bros. We need to invest more in awareness in all areas.”

taiyeakin stated: “That is fact right there but they will not listen”

djeazynaija wrote: “Absolutely true. The educating people part is very important, because all these things fit dey in place, people no go still follow”

hopelapel said: “Abeg u too get sense, I jst hope the authority adhere to this”