Hanks Anuku reveals near-total loss due to false viral video
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Veteran Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku, shares a heart-wrenching narrative of how he faced abandonment and stigma during a challenging period spurred by a misconstrued viral video.

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The unexpected circulation of footage showing Hanks Anuku wandering the streets in distressed attire stirred widespread concern and speculation, with many presuming the actor was grappling with a mental breakdown.


In a candid conversation with Facebook content creator Lucky Udu, Anuku disclosed the devastating impact of false rumors surrounding his alleged drug use and mental state, triggered by the viral video depicting him as a wandering soul.

Anuku clarified that the videos captured him preparing for a movie role, wherein he portrayed a character struggling with mental instability.

Expressing disdain for those who filmed him without context, Anuku accused them of recklessly perpetuating baseless rumors that tarnished his reputation.

Despite his earnest assurances of well-being, his family, including his twin brother and wife, succumbed to the damaging rumors of drug addiction, leaving Anuku feeling abandoned and disheartened.

Compounding his distress, Anuku recounted the stigma he faced from the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and the abrupt cessation of communication and professional opportunities from colleagues in the film industry.

Despite these adversities, Anuku credited his resilience and unwavering faith in God for sustaining him through the ordeal. He finds solace in his gradual resurgence, reclaiming stability in both personal and professional realms.

“The circulating videos misrepresented my reality. They've profoundly affected my life—I lost friends, film roles, and financial security. But I'm unharmed. I am perfectly fine,” he affirmed.

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