Foluke Daramola shares troll's wish for her downfall
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Nollywood star, Foluke Daramola Salako, recently took to her Instagram account to expose a disturbing chat she received from a troll who expressed his wish for her downfall. The troll, identified as Emmanuel Ajibade, sent a derogatory and offensive message to the actress via WhatsApp.

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In the chat, Emmanuel hurled insults at Foluke and criticized her for engaging in superficial acts, referring to her as a "foolish celebrity." He expressed his desire for her to face negative consequences in life. The troll's message read, "Foluke Daramola, oloriburuku smelling ni e ... Werey atoroje lowo Olowo and you can't help. All you do is eye service on social media. Foolish yeyebrity. You will see your ending, that you won't end well. Note today's date. My name is Emmanuel Ajibade. Coate me."

Foluke Daramola, deeply affected by the message, shared a screenshot of the chat along with a caption expressing her frustration. She questioned her followers on the most appropriate course of action to take regarding such an individual. Foluke wrote, "Good morning, everyone. Someone sent me this on my WhatsApp, please advise me on what to do to the person, please???" She sought guidance and support from her followers in dealing with the troll's disturbing behavior.

In a further post, Foluke shared a photo of the troll, expressing her gratitude that he had inadvertently provided his own picture. She stated, "Thank God he sent me his picture himself. I don't have much to say to him. I know what to do." While not specifying her intentions, it can be inferred that she plans to take appropriate action against the troll for his offensive remarks.

Foluke Daramola's decision to publicly share the troll's messages highlights the issue of cyberbullying and the impact it has on individuals, including public figures. By exposing the troll's behavior, she aims to raise awareness about the negative consequences of such actions and potentially discourage others from engaging in similar behavior.

It is important to address and confront cyberbullying to create a safer and more respectful online environment for everyone.

Veteran actress and wife of a politician, Foluke Daramola. Credit: folukedaramolasalako / Instagram.

Snapshot of the chat from troll who wished for Foluke’s downfall. Credit: folukedaramolasalako / Instagram

While sharing the troll’s photo, Foluke wrote, “Thank God he sent me his picture himself I no get too much talk with him I know what to do.”