Daddy Showkey faces government threats due to his remarks on Mohbad's death
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Renowned Nigerian singer, John Odafe Asiemo, widely known as Daddy Showkey, has made a startling revelation. He shared that individuals within the government had contacted him via phone, issuing threats to his life following an Instagram live interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

During the interview, Daddy Showkey had commented on the mysterious demise of rapper Mohbad, who passed away under controversial circumstances on September 12, 2023.

In the conversation, Daddy Showkey insinuated that there might be more to Mohbad's death, suggesting the potential involvement of influential figures within the music industry and society.

Returning to Daddy Freeze's Instagram live session on a subsequent night, Daddy Showkey disclosed that he had been on the receiving end of death threats, including threats from individuals within the government, since his last commentary on Mohbad's passing.

He stated, "Daddy Freeze, do you know after my last interview with you, I received a lot of death threats? Do you know after that interview, even people in government were threatening me?

"I told them that they should go and watch your interview, did I say anything wrong? And what I'm saying, I'm saying the truth. You would not believe what I went through. I did not sleep throughout that night. They were just threatening me.

"Daddy Freeze, I don't know what you are going through with all these things you are doing o. Because the kind of threats that they threatened me, I come dey talk say what of you?"