Chef Dammy denies earning up to N2 million in the cook-a-thon, dismissing speculations
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Ekiti State chef, Dammy Paschal, widely known as Chef Dammy, has stepped forward to address the circulating rumors concerning a car and substantial earnings associated with her recent cook-a-thon. In a video posted on her social media handle @dammypas, which was later shared by gistreel, the chef made it clear that these reports are false and that she has not received any significant financial gains from the event.

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Chef Dammy's clarification comes in response to speculations that emerged following her participation in the highly publicized 120-hour cook-a-thon. These rumors claimed that she had acquired a car and earned a substantial amount of money during the event. However, the chef firmly stated that these rumors are baseless, emphasizing that she neither received a car nor witnessed any significant earnings.

Addressing her fans and followers, Chef Dammy expressed her desire for a car, mentioning that she had heard rumors about a car being promised to her. However, she confirmed that she has not yet received it. She assured her supporters that if the car does materialize, she will celebrate the milestone with them and share the joy through photos and posts on social media.

Furthermore, Chef Dammy debunked the claims of earning a large sum of money during the cook-a-thon. She clarified that the actual amount she earned during the event is far from 2 million naira, contrary to what has been circulating online. Referring to the rumors of significant earnings as "audio money," she stated that she has not personally witnessed or received such funds.

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