Carter Efe claims Sydney Talker is rarely seen with women and suggests a preference for dark-skinned boys
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In a recent revelation during Sydney Talker's birthday celebration, Carter Efe, a popular singer and comedian, hinted at Sydney Talker's apparent lack of involvement with women over their 12-year friendship, suggesting a preference for dark-skinned boys. The disclosure was made at a birthday party organized to commemorate Sydney Talker's new age. 

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Carter Efe. Photo source: Instagram.

According to Carter Efe, he and Sydney have known each other well over a decade but in all this time he hasn’t seen him with a woman to suggest enough that they have a thing going.

He claims that Sydney usually prefers dark-skinned guys.

Read some reactions below:

loveliness_______ said: “When they start calling him gay know that you’re the source.. This is very expensive joke”

_therealjuliet said: “Person wey fit dey talk true una go think say na cruise 🤧”

wendy_adamma said: “This is when you give your best friend the opportunity to give a speech about you 😂”

phrankiie said: “This na how best friends joke with themselves,stop crying for them,if u misinterpret am,na u know.. nothing like expensive jokes when it comes to best friends”

tobyagu5 said: “When you hv a close friend thatz jokingly plotting your downfall”

Watch the video below: