Brymo exposes the traumatic ordeal his mother endured
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Brymo [/b]has opened up on a traumatic experience that happened to his mother [/b]as he reveals his birth is shrouded in mystery.

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According to the musician, his mother was raped as a teenager, and her menstruation stopped following the incident.

In an open conversation with Chude Jideonwo, Brymo said that his father and mother were wandering from one spiritual home to another in search of a solution, unaware that she was already pregnant despite not having menstruated in years.

He mentioned how his mother’s courage in reporting her abuser taught him courage.

Brymo, Nigerian artist

He said: “The story surrounding my birth and the entire family is weird. There are always mysteries.

“There is a story of my mum, she had a traumatic experience, a sexual experience as a teenage girl. It was a rape incident. And for some weird reason, she didn’t see her period anymore afterward. And that kept on like that for three years or so till she met my dad.

“While they were taking her around herbalists and doctors, and pastors and imams, wherever they could go, so she could start bleeding, a woman needed to see her period before she could get pregnant, well, it happened that she was already pregnant, five months in and there was no blood. So, that was strange, right? I had to kick for her to know that a child was there.

“While everyone was giving her medicine to drink, they were trying to force an abortion without knowing [laughs].”