Bella Okagbue discusses why checking a partner's phone is unnecessary
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Reality TV personality Bella Okagbue recently shared her perspective on relationships, particularly addressing the issue of checking a partner's phone.

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Her comments come shortly after her boyfriend, Sheggz, affirmed his commitment to their relationship and hinted at the possibility of marriage in the future.

During an Instagram Live session, Bella advised against the practice of checking a partner's phone, suggesting that it could lead to discovering things that are better left unseen.

In a recent Instagram Live session, Bella advised her fans against checking their partner’s phone, suggesting it could reveal things better left unseen.

She emphasized that a phone is private and that her stance isn’t necessarily about infidelity. In her case, prefers to keep her conversations with friends and family private.

Although she admits it’s not ideal, Bella confessed to occasionally checking Sheggz’s phone and getting caught several times.

She concluded by stating there is no point in going through your partner’s phone and declared her complete trust in her boyfriend.

Read some reactions from netizens

mayxc_x wrote: “Privacy but una dey enter each other private part 🤦🏽‍♀️”

its_angel stated: “Very true. Cause there are other things very personal. It’s not always about cheating”

mae.belle_ noted: “Whenever I sense anything weird . I WILL CHECK ! Period and out . Bye ✌️”

kingshubz wrote: “A wise person once told me for a relationship to work one person has to be blind the other has to be deaf”

wealthyforever wrote: “It’s not even that hard to keep your hands off someone else’s phone.. keep searching you’d find what you are looking for 🤷🏾‍♂️”