Stranger gifts woman iPhone when she had no phone
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Nigerian lady, Jojo shared an intriguing story on Twitter about how a man she had just met gifted her an iPhone. According to Jojo, the man had asked for her phone number, to which she jokingly replied that she didn't have a phone. But instead of simply moving on, the man surprised Jojo by stepping out of his car and presenting her with an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Jojo expressed her shock and gratitude in her tweet, but her story has been met with skepticism by some social media users.

Jojo's tweet was accompanied by a photo of herself, which appears to be a screenshot of her Instagram profile. In the photo, Jojo is smiling and holding up the new iPhone. The post has received over 4,000 likes and 900 retweets since it was shared.

Despite Jojo's insistence that the story is true, many social media users have expressed doubt and disbelief. One user, named Afam, commented on Jojo's post, suggesting that the man's gesture may have been an intentional attempt to win her over. Another user, Mahleek, joked that Jojo's imagination should be charged with murder for coming up with such an unlikely story. However, some users did share their own similar experiences, such as Daddyoyoyoo, who claimed that a woman once gave his friend the keys to a luxurious mansion after he joked about still living with his parents.

Iphone 14 pro max for me now 😂😂 I’m so shocked”