“Being a Nigerian is difficult – Tems
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Temilade Openiyi, widely recognized as Tems [/b], has recently expressed her sentiments about the challenges of being a citizen of Nigeria.

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Tems candidly shared her experiences, shedding light on the intricate difficulties that many Nigerians grapple with in their daily lives.

Despite acknowledging the hurdles, she emphasized the potential benefits of being a Nigerian, particularly if one leverages their talents and presents them to an audience that appreciates their value.

In a recent interview with Kiss FM in London, UK, the Oscar-nominated songstress articulated her perspective:

“Being a Nigerian woman is a miracle. Because being a Nigerian, for anybody, is tough. But I think if you can tap into your gifts and own who you are, be unapologetic about it, and take that to the world, that is an honor.

“I believe that Nigerian women are the most blessed. I won’t say the most blessed, but everybody is blessed in an equal manner. However, Nigerian women are very special to me. They are very dear to me, and I think it is such a tremendous blessing to be a Nigerian woman living in this time.”

Tems, Nigeria singer. Source: Google