“All of you are just jealous that you don’t have Isreal’s job” – Seun Kuti apologizes to Israel DMW
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Nigerian musician, Seun Kuti, who stands as a representative voice for internet users, has issued a public apology to Davido's personal logistics manager, Isreal DMW. This comes in the aftermath of a recent public backlash that Isreal faced, particularly for involving his wife, Sheila, in a contentious situation.

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In a comprehensive statement, Seun Kuti sought to provide context and clarity. He emphasized that those criticizing Isreal last week might find themselves acting similarly if placed in his position, suggesting an underlying motive of attempting to undermine Isreal, possibly with the intention of securing his role.

Moreover, Seun Kuti pointed out a prevailing trend where individuals have been heaping more praise on Davido than Isreal, hinting at a latent desire among some to replace Isreal in his current professional capacity.

In a gesture of reconciliation, Seun Kuti publicly apologized to Isreal on behalf of those who had previously criticized him for his emotional outburst during a tumultuous breakup with his wife, Sheila.

The statement garnered various reactions on social media, reflecting the diverse opinions of the audience. Twitter user @Tamms0328 lamented, "There is no love in this country," echoing a sentiment of societal discontent. @tunashbobo expressed a nuanced perspective, asserting that most individuals would potentially act worse if placed in Isreal's challenging position.

@SucreMamito124 raised skepticism about Isreal's actions, stating, "Being where he is does not mean he cannot do those things he is being accused of." On a contrasting note, @ElpadrinoSnr celebrated having someone like Isreal in one's life as a status symbol, calling it "another flex."

The user @Phamozhi pointed out the irony in the situation, asserting, "People who aspire to take Isreal's job are the ones mocking him the most."

The controversy surrounding Isreal and the subsequent apology from Seun Kuti has sparked a nuanced conversation on social media, shedding light on the complexities of public perception and the dynamics within the entertainment industry.

Additionally, a video clip embedded in the statement features Seun Kuti defending Isreal. The video includes the quote, "All of you are just jealous that you don’t have Israel’s (Isreal DMW) job." The tweet has stirred further reactions, with users expressing their opinions on the matter. The multifaceted nature of these responses adds depth to the ongoing discourse surrounding Isreal's actions and Seun Kuti's intervention.