Adanma Luke opens up emotionally about Junior Pope's passing
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Popular movie producer, Adanma Luke, becomes emotional as she shares her perspective on the tragic passing of the late actor, Junior Pope, in a boat accident.

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It would be recalled that the veteran movie star, Junior Pope passed away in a boat accident [/b]that took his and his crew members’ lives.

Adanma Luke.

Accusatory fingers pointed back to the producer who many insisted should be blamed for the accident.

Adanma speaking in a recent video that she made, noted that the whole incident had left her deeply hurt and saddened.

According to her, she is still traumatized by the loss of the actor and crew members and the whole thing still feels like a terrible dream that she is still yet to be awoken from.

Expressing regret, she stated that she blames herself for coming down to Asaba from Lagos to shoot the movie.

Reactions have followed this …

jefflove_ remarked: “But let’s be honest this is very traumatising for her because she will blame herself for everything God forbidden this can lead to heart attack”

sandyburger2 stated: “This is any employer’s nightmare”

nurseyonren commented: “U need to blame ur self ooo, low budget doings”

lwenisioma penned: “In no way, in this video made, have you said you f’ed up by not ensuring Safety first for those who were working for you. You are saying you blame yourself for coming to Asaba and should have remained in lagos… is that the bone of contention?? Please let’s respect ourselves, if you don’t know what to say or do engage a PR service and stop 🛑 this show of shame. Mtchewww”

markeeee72 wrote: “Obviously she will be distressed. Loosing ur crew members due to ur fault is crazy”

pakerzytunes wrote: “No forget say dem be actor too 🤨acting na their work”

Watch video below …